Plastic Pails

Our innovative PPCP Pails boast a unique polymer blend that makes them resilient against stress cracks and extreme cold. With in-mould labelling, these pails combine aesthetics and robust functionality. Durable, portable, and secure, they excel in various industries, ensuring optimal performance without contamination, abrasion, or corrosion risks. Easy filling, closure, and handling with smooth walls facilitate complete emptying.

Technical Specification

Key features & Customisations:

  • Capacities of 15 / 16 / 18.9 / 20 / 21 Litres
  • Offers optimal chemical resistance and high physical stability.
  • Suitable for high ambient storage conditions
  • Resists deformation and stress cracks.
  • Suitable for Paint, Lubricants, Adhesives, and food products like Chocolate paste, Dates syrup, etc.


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