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For Steel Drums

  • Customers benefit from our technical expertise, receiving guidance on selecting steel drum specifications suitable for their products.
  • Our packaging experts work closely with customers to design and produce drums that meet specific requirements.
  • Offering insights into best practices for handling and transporting goods in steel drums.
  • Offer solutions for visually appealing and informative decoration on steel drums.

For Tinplate Containers

  • Tailoring designs to meet customer specifications and offering visual mock-ups for approval.
  • Advise on sourcing and delivering metal cans with best packaging practices and methods, whether palletized or in cartons, based on customer preferences.
  • Solution on technical product design in accordance with the customer’s operational requirements.

For Plastics Packs

  • Support in developing new packaging designs, keen attention to performance concerns and optimizing overall pack functionality.
  • Advise on technical aspects, ensuring the right plastic specifications for diverse products.
  • Guide on suitable packaging methods, offering options for palletized or carton delivery based on customer preferences.
  • Offering best practices and solutions in capping lid closing solutions.


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