Plastic Drums

By producing top-quality one-piece blow-moulded drums, we meet stringent industry needs for the safe handling of sensitive materials. Our stable HM HDPE drums are easily stackable and reusable, available as Tight-head and Open-head drums meeting UN standards.

We have successfully introduced our 3-layer body (multilayer) drums with only an encapsulated middle layer made of PCR (post-consumer resin) and process regrind for environmentally low-impact solutions.

Technical Specification

Key features & Customisations:

  • Available in capacities of 200 / 220 / 235 / 250 Litres
  • Offered in Tight-head and Open-head drum configurations.
  • UN-approved for safety and reliability.
  • Options include Monolayer, Multilayer-2 and Multilayer-3 constructions.
  • Diverse choices for colours, decorations, and closures
  • Suitable for Chemicals, Lubricants, Sanitizers, Detergents, etc.


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