Plastic Jerrycans

Balmer Lawrie (UAE) LLC manufactures jerrycans with superior features, ideal for liquid storage, effortlessly handling high filling weights and stacking demands. Through innovative multi-layer technologies, our commitment to sustainability is evident, ensuring these jerrycans meet stringent requirements while actively contributing to a greener future.

Technical Specification

Key features & Customisations:

  • Capacities of 17 / 19 / 20 / 22 / 25 / 30 Litres are available, allowing optimal shipping logistic requirements.
  • Various weights & UN-certified options (1.6kg)
  • Choices between Monolayer or Multilayer designs
  • Customisation options: colours, multiple neck dimensions and closures, level indicator, embossing, silk screen printing, offline labelling, and in-mould labelling.
  • Suitable for Chemicals, Lubricants, Sanitizers, Detergents, etc.


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