Balmer Lawrie (UAE) LLC presents conical pails available in four distinct shapes, types, and sizes, offering capacities ranging from 1 USG to 25 liters. UN-certified Conipail cans are available in 20- and 21-litre variants. Our pails are equipped with versatile closures, including Lug Lids or Lids with Locking Rings, optionally fitted with Plastic or Metal Screw Caps, or Plastic Pull-up Spouts.

Designed for convenience and reliability, these adaptable containers are commonly employed for storing lubricants, paints, chemicals, wet and dry food, and more.

Technical Specification

Key features & Customisations:

S.No Size/Type
Internal diameter / cross section
Bottom Top
1 187 Dia. Conipail Can 187 mm 198 mm
2 268 Dia. Conipail Can 268 mm 285 mm
3 277 Dia. Conipail Can 227 mm 240 mm
4 275 Dia. Conipail Can 275 mm 292 mm
5 268 Dia. UN Conipail Can 268 mm 292 mm


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