ISO Open Top Steel Drum

We supply special ISO open-top steel drums with a “necked-in” feature. A narrow opening-necked-in design maximises storage space while maintaining structural integrity and minimising transit damage when shipping products overseas in containers.

Technical Specification

Additional Features/Options:

  • Triple-seam construction and flattened welding seam.
  • 216L brimful/200L nominal (55USG) capacity.
  • Material thickness options: 0.7mm to 1.2mm.
  • Customisation choices: corrugated or plain body, inner surface options (plain steel or lacquer coatings), etc.
  • Colour and decoration options: screen printing, thermal labelling, sleeves, etc.
  • Galvanised hoop clamp ring with lever lock.
  • Bolt-ring locking bands.
  • Cellular rubber gasket ring.
  • Enhanced logistics: 80 drums fit in a 20ft container.


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