Balmer Lawrie (UAE) -- Products [Product Range]
Balmer Lawrie (UAE) has a highly integrated container manufacturing plant that supplies the requirements of a wide cross-section of industry in the Gulf region.

The plant has manufacturing lines to produce steel drums, tin and plastic cans for lubricants and greases, paints, chemicals, edible oils, etc. It also has sophisticated machinery for reconditioning of used drums.

Adherence to strict quality norms and commitment to constant product upgradation and services, have earned Balmer Lawrie (UAE) an excellent reputation and a large base of highly satisfied customers.

The container range, being manufactured by Balmer Lawrie (UAE) includes

  Tight-Head Steel drums for oils and chemicals.

  Open-Top steel drums for greases / powders, etc.

  Reconditioned Tight-Head and Open-Top Steel drums for oils, chemicals etc.

  Cylindrical tinplate drums for chemicals and edible oils.

  Conical tinplate containers (pails) for paints, chemicals, greases etc.

  Square tinplate containers for edible oils and ghee.

  Varied capacity cylindrical and rectangular tin cans for lubricants, greases, edible oils.

  Plastic jerry cans for lubricating oils, chemicals and edible oils.

Tin cans in unassembled form for can fabrication. These comprise of decorated tinplate for the can body, usually printed to the client’s design and specification, and matching components.
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