Balmer Lawrie (UAE) -- Products [Reconditioned Drums]

Reconditioned steel drums, both Tight Head and Open Top types, of unparalleled quality are supplied by Balmer Lawrie (UAE). The company has an excellent production facility to recondition old drums at its Al Quoz plant in Dubai. The plant is also equipped with a full fledged effluent treatment facility for dealing with the hazardous effluents generated during the reconditioning process.

This offers a unique opportunity to trade and industry to opt for lower packaging costs whenever the quality of the product permits the use of reconditioned drums. Economically priced, the reconditioned drums help in making the product more cost-effective.

Reconditioned drums are internally washed and cleaned to industry standards and inspected; externally, they are shot-blasted to remove the original paint and labels, and painted with a minimum 20 microns thickness of a high quality, specially formulated stoving paint.

Optionally the drums can be Screen Printed on the body and/or on the top with company logo/product details.

While the quality of reconditioned drums cannot match that of the new drums as far as the internal cleanliness and external profile are concerned, these are still of very good quality and are regularly used by lubricant and chemical industry to service their cost-conscious customers.

Reconditioned Drum

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